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W/M Equipment for Sale

Motorized CRUSHER DESTEMMER, #25 WINE PRESS, and miscellaneous things such as a food grade FERMENTER and 5 gallon CARBOYS. Basically everything for the home/garage winemaker. Price negotiable, located in historic downtown Suisun City. Delivery available.

Equipment for Sale

I was a long time member and President of the Napa Valley Home Winemakers Association (now defunct) and have accumulated a lot of winemaking equipment that I would now like to sell. May I list the equipment on your website? I have a Zambelli Crusher/Destemer, 150L S.S. tank, fermenting containers, …

Merlot Available

Hi Rich…we have 50 merlot vines in Sonoma expecting about 40 to 50 gallons of wine. Need help from one of your members in crushing and making wine for us.Or, if they prefer, they can use our wine as a blend. Appreciate your help Sam 707-933-9974

Vineyard Management Companies

I have a hobby vineyard in my backyard in the town of Sonoma and was wondering if you have any recommendations on vineyard maintenance companies willing to serve smaller vineyards.  I have a total of about 300 vines myself.  In addition, two friends of mine here in Sonoma are also …