Wine Making Equipment For Sale



Wrapping up 25 years of amateur winemaking. It’s been a fun hobby; but moving to a smaller house. Although I am not a member of your club, perhaps you will still forward my list of items for sale.
I have several items for sale:
1. Two ss tanks with floating heads $275 each. oneis 220l. the other is 300.
2. Several 12 gal demijohns: $50 each.Carboys$15
3. Hannah pH meter, bench type: $30
4. Hannah Sulfite tester HI84500 (new$825): $100 It may need a probe at some point$200 from Hanna
5. magnetic stirrer: $30

Robb Petty
Life is a tragedy for those who feel
a comedy for those who think.
(live it both ways)
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