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Harvesting Syrah. The Connection to a Bennett Valley Vineyard and Free Grapes.

Sometimes things just fall in your lap. That’s what happened with this vineyard. A friend of a friend of a friend connected Les Boschke to Marcia. Marcia has 800 vines of Syrah in Bennett Valley. She wanted to find someone to take her grapes at harvest time. This was an amazing opportunity, free grapes from professionally maintained grapevines in an incredibly beautiful setting. All he had to do was check on the brix and pick the grapes when they were ready. He gathered 3 friends to help him - Becky, Bob and Jerry. The group picked grapes over several days and made a lot of wine. Les offered syrah grapes to other home winemakers since there was more than his group could take. Next year Marcia hopes she can find someone to maintain the vineyard and take the grapes at harvest so she won't have to continue to pay for vineyard management. And although Les was offered to take over managing this vineyard going forward, 800 vines is too much for his small group to take on. Good news, Les thinks he has already found Marcia a winemaker to take over the vineyard.


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