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SHW member Joseph Daniel’s first commercial wines release!

Fellow winemaker and documentary filmmaker, Joe Daniel receives wonderful press coverage in Sonoma Index Tribune.  Check out the March 27, 2024 article by Emma Molloy entitled, “Filmmaker to Winemaker: Sonoman discovers love for wine, releases eclipse-themed Malbec.”

The 2021 Eclipse Malbec release by Joe’s Tiny Vineyards Wine Company was just in time to celebrate the April 8, 2024 total eclipse.  Joe has chased eclipses 5 times during his life.  And there is a connection with wine.  Roughly 5,000 years ago wine following one of the oldest recorded eclipse, wime was used to celebrate.  As Joe stated, “In the case of a total eclipse, I think it was as much about celebrating the fact that the sun came back and the world didn’t end.  Wine is the perfect beverage to toast the extremely beautiful, but admittedly alarming spectacle of the moon turning day into night, and then hopefully back into day again.”

Joe’s Elcipse Malbec is sold out - a wonderful thing for a winemaker!  Don’t wait until the next eclipse to celebrate with wine.  Find Joe’s other wonderful wines at his website


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