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The History of the Tex Juen Vineyard, One of the Only City Owned Vineyards in the Country.

Located at 1395 Leveroni Road, The Tex Juen Vineyard is planted on approximately 1 acre, and tended by amateur oenophiles, some who’ve been at it for decades. Doug Ghiselin is an original member and he runs the Leveroni Group which now maintains this vineyard. The vineyard land belongs to the City of Sonoma. When the FryerCreek home development was being built, a small park was established along the bike path and this plot of land was leftover. The Sonoma Home Winemakers originally known as Valley of the Moon Dilettante Enological Society (VOMDES) rebranded eventually as Sonoma Home Winemakers (SHW) established a contract with the city to plant and maintain a vineyard on this parcel of land. At that time club president Tex Juen, a well-known old-timer, got Joey Leveroni to donate 400 chardonnay vines, and the Kundes to give 400 merlot. The Sangiacomo family donated irrigation materials, and the city brought in a water tanker every Saturday. “Tex had a tremendous number of hoses,” Ghiselin said. “We’d be down there from 9 to noon, hand watering the vines. It was in 1997 that the city vineyard was officially adopted. In 2002, when Tex Juen died, the club asked the Sonoma City Council to officially name the vineyard for him. The Tex JuenPark and Vineyard, leased through 2026 with two five-year extensions possible, is now a special part of Sonoma’s history. The city appreciates the stewardship of the Sonoma Home Winemakers to maintain and preserve this special vineyard park. It is also a training vineyard for members who are new to winemaking. This a a very special and unique property, being one of the only city owned vineyards in the country. A portion of the wine that is produced is donated to local nonprofits for fundraising purposes.


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