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SHW Featured in Tiny Vineyards - Documentary. Watch it at home through the Sebastiani Theatre link.

Tiny Vineyards takes you through the triumphs and travails of an entire season of growing grapes and crafting a private vintage. If you’ve ever dreamt of planting a little vineyard and making your own wine, or if you’re already under the spell of Bacchus – don’t miss this movie! Beneath the increasingly sterile and mechanized monoculture of grape growing and wine production in Northern California exists a subculture of private viticulturalists and home winemakers dedicated to producing small batches of wine for all the right reasons, not the least of which is self-consumption. Blending science with alchemy, agrarian zeal with ingenuity, these amateur enophiles can sometimes make wine rivaling that of the best commercial wineries . . . and, sometimes not. As uncomplicated as it can often be winemaking is still a craft fraught with disaster, an art subject to the vagaries of nature, weather, terroir and human endeavor. Tiny Vineyards is a feature-length documentary that follows a dozen such hobby vineyard owners through their annual winemaking ritual in Sonoma, California.Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Joseph Daniel. Narrated by Monica McKey. © 2019 Story Arts Media

See it now on Sebastiani Theatre at Home!

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